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About - Slade #2

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

This limestone rock arch called Solomon’s Boat is located just South of Slade harbour. This composition is really quite straightforward diagonals and as such, I've retired the red lines drawn all over the image as in previous posts. This photograph took a fair bit of waiting for when I arrived on scene the tide was too far in. It was no hardship, however, to wait on a warm May afternoon for the tide to reach the right height to create the inward rush of surf signifying arrival. Note that this was shot at a time of the day when a lot of landscape photographers would advise sitting at home. I couldn't disagree more with the whole ethos of only photographing either the ‘golden’ or ‘blue’ hours. I’m not knocking those that enjoy that type of work, I’m quite partial myself, but the landscape and everything else for that matter, is capable of yielding interesting images at any time of the day or night, it’s just a matter of being able to observe the play of light and shape.

It's always nice to know someone else came along before you and did a better job. The painting below from 1850 is by George Du Noyer -

This was published in Billy Colfer’s book ‘The Hook Peninsula’. Well worth buying…

Steve M

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