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My Photographic career began at Laing Construction (now Laing O’Rourke) as a staff photographer based in Mill Hill, London in 1987. This role was primarily Architectural Photography but also involved some Public Relations and Event imagery. Post redundancy, I freelanced as an Architectural Photographer. 

In February 1992 I started my service with the Metropolitan Police as a Forensic Photographer. I worked for the Met. for 24 years and was privileged to provide Disaster Victim Identification evidence after the Paddington rail crash, Thailand Tsunami and the London bombings of July 2005.


In addition to a wide gamut of crime scene work I was also deployed as a Photographer with both Forward Intelligence and Evidence Gathering teams at numerous Public Order events. I was one of the first Met. Photographers to train in the retrieval of images at Nuclear, Biological and Chemical scenes. My last 10 years of service were as Head of Photographic Training at New Scotland Yard’s Crime Academy.

I have now relocated to the Hook Peninsula in Co.Wexford, Ireland.


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